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Looking for a waterproof SMA jack connector?

Waterproof SMA connectors IP67 & IP68

Our customers often seek to prevent ingress of moisture and particles into SMA jack connectors.   The applications range from splash proof, up to fully submersed underwater.

Working hand in hand with customers, GradConn developed a waterproof SMA jack connector.   The Nautilus range of coaxial connectors offers IP67 & IP68 testing to 5 meters depth.  Testing also extends to particle ingress IP6x and pressure.

The image above shows the point of entry for water ingress when the connector is mounted in a panel.   The ‘problem’ section shows water ingress through the center contact and also thru the panel cutout.

The two ‘solution’ images show waterproofing of SMA connectors:

  • Rear mount SMA waterproof connector solution:
    • This is the most popular type of SMA, with the washer and nut screwing up on the outside of the panel.  The Nautilus solution contains both an external and internal O-Ring to prevent ingress.
  • Front mount SMA waterproof connector solution:
    • Using this type of connector allows the panel to be effectively tamper proof, as the washer and nut are tightened inside the panel.

A range of other Nautilus waterproof connector types are available, such as RP SMA, BNC, TNC and RP TNC. Front and rear mount options are available, an example of front mount and rear mount is shown in the image above.

Got to to browse existing cable assemblies, build a custom cable and download detailed test data.

Board to board connectors demystified – Polarized Connectors

Polarized connectors

Check out GradConn’s new pages, aimed at helping customers understand board to board connectors.

The first one deals with Polarization and shrouding on board to board connectors, it shows how polarized connectors work and provides useful links to GradConn’s parametric search.

Customers choose to use polarized connectors in applications where it’s important that the two mating connector halves are plugged together correctly, IE pin1 to pin1.

Connector polarization is achieved by a variety of methods, for larger pitch connectors, such as .100″ pitch contact spacing the normal arrangement is for the header with males pins to have a shroud, with a key cut into one wall, normally the longer side of the rectangle.  See example in the image above.  The mating socket has a raised bump, this ensures that the connectors may only mate in the correct orientation.

For finer pitches, such as .050″,  by definition are smaller and have thinner plastic sidewalls, extra keying features are built in.  For the PCB header, there’s a key on each shorter rectangular end, matched by a different sized pegs on each end of the mating PCB mounted socket.  In additional an off center top key provides extra polarization.

If you seek any further information or help with board to board polarized connector applications contact GradConn. 

Need board to board connectors on the go?

GradConn connectors on the go

Looking for board to board connectors on the go? is now optimised for handheld devices.  Use a wide variety of tools to help you find the perfect board to board connector solutions.

Flowing filters allow you to navigate the huge range of board to board connectors on offer, content is re-sizes dependent on the screen size you are using.  Large buttons allow easy call to action, including document downloads and ordering free samples.

  • The website also includes:
    • guides for PCB mating in co-planar and parallel orientation, these guides help you find perfect connectors for your applications.  
    • A section on custom board to board connectors shows examples of specials created for customers.
    • Send a cross reference requests to ask GradConn to cross competitors parts.

Some of the great existing features didn’t change, basket functionality allows you to select, review and order samples or a quote.   You can easily search for board to board connector mating halves, which we know can sometime be tricky on our competitors sites.
We hope you enjoy using the new site, however, if you can’t find the exact solution you seek,  then  contact GradConn for advice from our board to board connector expert.