Shrinking Solutions for a connected world

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GradConn offer a suite of products to help our customers connect their products to the world.   The demand for connectivity between devices and the desire for slimmer,  lighter and more portable devices is driving the connector industry to offer ever smaller solutions. GradConn are at the forefront of these innovations and have an exciting line-up of super – miniature products with a perfect synergy for device to device connectivity.  Here are some examples –

If you’re designing a smart device, space is at a premium then visit to see our shrinking solutions for a connected world see the full range of products for a connected world or contact your local GradConn sales office now.

GradConn website receives complete overhaul

GradConn, the interconnect and cable assembly specialist, has recently launched its brand new website at . The overall objective of this new platform is to provide customers with all the tools they need to enable rapid product search and selection, thus saving both old and new customers valuable time.


“As part of the design process we consulted at length with our customers and listened to their views” stated Andy Hamlin, Sales and Distribution Manager of GradConn.  “In terms of the site it directly reflects those views and we believe that what has been delivered represents a significant improvement in user experience”.

Having been completely overhauled the new website has had a total facelift to give it a fresh new look that encompasses best practice navigational elements. However the improvements are much more significant than that, new features include:

  • Expanded content – Including product specifications and downloadable 3d models.
  • Shopping basket – A quick way for you to request samples & quotes for multiple parts.
  • New Wire to Board cable assembly builder – Allows you to visually define standard and custom cable assemblies, in simple easy steps.  Including options for adding competitor’s parts and many other features.
  • Enhanced Co-Axial cable assembly builder –   A range of filters help build your ideal combination from our huge range.  The builder allows you to define cable length, working frequency, connector type & orientation.
  • Powerful search functionality – Including enhanced parametric search options.
  • Automatic geo-location to save on clicks!  Helps you find contacts and distributor information quickly.


If you’re looking for PCB connectors or cable assemblies make sure you pay a visit and see for yourself just how easy it is to use.

New Push-Push Micro SIM Connector

GradConn has launched a brand new Push-Push Micro SIM connector, which delivers functionality, combined with cost effective pricing.


Customers told us that Push-Push types were too expensive and apart from those cases where product design demanded a push-push version, they would often choose a lower cost connector style, such as push-pull or hinged.  Having listened to those concerns, we acted upon them by pricing CH03-GB at level which makes it a realistic design choice for all applications.

Suitable for 3ff Micro SIM cards the CH03-GB has a 1.50mm profile and measures just 15.75mm x 17.17mm. CH03-GB is available with six or eight contacts and includes a card detect switch feature which allows the user to detect when the card is inserted. It’s rated at 1,500 card insertion cycles and has an operating temperature range of -40° to +85°C. The Micro SIM card is inserted directly, no separate plastic tray is required.

Push-Push type SIM connectors allow a Micro SIM card to be pushed into place, the 2nd push operates a spring which ejects the card, this function removes the need to extract tiny Micro SIM cards by hand. Push-Push technology is normally used in applications where the end user insets a card from outside the equipment, the connector is normally mounted on the edge of a PCB with the mating face accessible via the customer’s panel design.

Visit to download drawings and order samples or contact your local GradConn sales office now for design advice.

Low Cost coaxial Test Probe Cable Assemblies

GradConn launches low cost coaxial test probe cable assemblies

In line with its strategy for new product development GradConn has launched a new range of low cost coaxial test probe cable assemblies for the inspection of high frequency circuits.

GradConn test probes

Suitable for testing Hirose MS-156 and Murata MM8030 sub miniature coaxial switch connectors, the new probes offer reliable testing of RF circuits from development thru to final production.  For Hirose PCB connectors the test probe cable assemblies have a mating test cycle durability of 500 operations and 2,000 with Murata.

GradConn’s cable assemblies are perfect for testing high frequency coaxial switches in a manufacturing environment.  Standard cable assemblies come with SMA jack connectors for plugging to test equipment; other coaxial interface connectors are available upon request.  Customers may specify test probe orientation and cable length to improve ergonomics for operators.

Coaxial switch products are used in applications such as cell phone, smartphone, WLAN/WiMax/UWB, Bluetooth, Zigbee, cordless phones, GPS/DVH-H, microwave measurement equipment and microwave radio equipment applications.

Cables are fully tested and produced in an ISO 9001:2008 environment, ensuring you receive consistently high quality cable assemblies.

Visit to see the full range of products or contact your local GradConn sales office now for design advice.

A Flexible Approach to Coaxial Cable Assemblies

flexible approach to coaxial cable assemblies

A Flexible Approach to coaxial cable assemblies

Problem: Our customer was having trouble routing their coaxial cable assembly inside an enclosure. The existing 1.32mm diameter cable had a tendency to flex out of position, whilst the hot melt glue used to hold the cable in place was setting. This resulted in the operator have to reposition several times, which slowed down processing time and in some cases, damaged the cable assembly, proving costly and problematic for the customer.

Solution: We made the same assembly using 1.32mm Ø double-braided cable, see Cable 158. One of the benefits of selecting double braided cable is that it’s more pliable to work with. The cable stays formed in the shape it’s bent, rather than springing back into position. This means the operator can install effectively first time, every time. When you consider that the double braided cable also offers enhanced shielding effectiveness in comparison to the standard single braid 1.32mm Ø cable this option has several benefits.

If you need application advice and help with coaxial cable assemblies please contact GradConn, we offer a flexible approach to coaxial cable assemblies.

Connectors for Asset Tracking and Remote Monitoring

Connectors for asset tracking and remote monitoring

GradConn offer a wide range of connectors for asset tracking and remote monitoring applications.  Rapid advances in both wireless and mobile technology have seen costs fall significantly and the range of possible applications expand. Applications are interesting and in some cases tell a story about the changing relationship between our society and technology. Gradconn offers a wide range Board to Board connectors, SIM card connectors, including Micro SIM and RF Coaxial cable assemblies. GradConn connectors have been designed into applications as diverse as:

  • Wireless monitoring of vending machines, cuts out need for unnecessary service calls such as when machines run out of change or products.
  • Pest control devices. Cutting out unnecessary service calls and monitoring for example when triggered an employee could clean up dead vermin, alternatively technology might monitor when a colony becomes active and take the appropriated action.
  • Security bracelets for both Children and the Elderly:
    • Elderly – Neck pendants warn of accidents, allowing more independent living.  If out and about a person is able to summon assistance. So for the example of a person suffering dizzy spells too scared to go out, this technology can be empowering and confidence building.
    • Children – GPS tracking device normally built into a watch – Allows parents to see the child’s current location. Designated safe zones such as  home or school can be set.
  • Offender monitoring –  Electronic tags for prisoners released on licence to ensure bail conditions are not broken, monitors curfew, location and automatically check visits to a particular location, such as a police station have been completed and logged.
  • Agricultural products to measure micro climates and watering requirements.  This technology allows conservation of water by automatically controlling irrigation. Another example is temperature monitoring to protect from frost damage.  These technologies reduce costs and increase yields.
  • Livestock monitoring-  Animals are tagged and tracking for safety and/or shepherding purposes. Examples of monitoring applications are: Data from animals provides information on breeding cycles and flags potentially sick animals.
  • Remote asset monitoring, for example monitoring the condition of structure of buildings bridges, tunnels, etc. This type of monitoring supersedes the need for weekly visual inspections which are expensive and potentially dangerous.

If you’re looking for connectors for asset tracking and remote monitoring then please contact GradConn.

Connectors for Home automation

Home automation is rapidly evolving from a luxury few people could afford into a technology for mass consumption that will be in most homes within a few years. The global home automation market is growing at over 30% a year and expected to be worth US$9.5 billion globally in 2015.

Technology advancement and innovation represents the key driving factor for the growth of the home automation market. Demand is growing for cost efficient wireless home automation products to reduce installation and maintenance cost. Wireless technologies such as Z-wave, Zigbee, and EnOcean are seen as the way to achieve this.

Connectors for home automation

GradConn’s range of board to board connectors, SIM card connectors and RF Coaxial Cable assemblies have been used by a number of the leading manufacturers in Home Automation. Our products can be found in main control units and in components through the system.

Short-range wireless technology controls the wireless system around the home via the control panel, however remote control elements allow consumers to access their home devices while away from home by use of a smart phone. This communication is handled by the mobile phone/GSM network, for example switching on an oven remotely so your dinner is cooked as you walk through the door or setting the to the correct temperature heating to ensure your house is warm when you return home. Alarm systems can contact your phone by text message when triggered.

Home Automation - Connector Components

GradConn offer connectors for home automation applications.  SIM connectors and coax cables enable the link between communication modules and the GSM network. The SIM card stores the required phone details for the control panel to interface your smartphone. GradConn offer Mini & Micro SIM card connectors in many configurations including push-push, push-pull, hinged and open contact types.

If an external antenna is required, it will be necessary to break through a bulkhead of the control unit and a coaxial cable assembly is needed. This mates with PCB board of the communication module (using a tiny RF connector PCB plug and cable socket such as Hirose U.FL) and by the use of a bulkhead mount RF connector, such as SMA allow plugging to an antenna with appropriate connector interface. GradConn offer a wide variety of coaxial cable assembly options.

Fine pitch Board to board connectors are generally used in control panels as they allow ultra slim connections either in parallel PCB mating with a mated height of just 3.1mm. Alternatively where customers require end-to-end PCB mating, the height above the PCB is a tiny 1.5mm. Use GradConn’s PCB mating tools to find the perfect solution for your connector design.